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We specialize in helping you listen to your body

so that you can form more meaningful connections with

yourself and others. 


Gretchen is an embodiment coach who lives on the rugged Northern California coast where she has raised four sons. She is known for her playfulness and love for bringing freedom to every setting she is in. She is an avid cyclist and runner and makes gorgeous charcuterie boards for gatherings with friends. She calls herself a street scientist

because of her love of learning by doing, and she can be found facilitating much of her work with people on hikes, walks on the beach, and through exploration of their connection to their bodies. 


Her degree is in psychology with an emphasis on cultural anthropology, and her continued learning has been in neuroscience, neurolinguistic programming, polyvagal theory, and internal family systems. She specializes in working with sports teams, young men, parents, and individuals looking for support and consulting in areas of new freedom and personal embodiment.


Gretchen can be reached



Misha is a wellness counselor who helps people relate to and care for their bodies from a place of gentle listening and enjoyment. She lives by the ocean in the Pacific Northwest where she has raised both of her kids. She is known for creating embodied safety for her clients and helping them see the beauty in who they are. She is an artist, a writer, and loves running on forest trails and swimming in lakes. She has worked in mentoring teens and young adults as well as leadership development in university settings. She has been a lecturer at conferences and in classrooms around the world. 

Her degree is in psychology and human services and she has received multiple certificates related to interoception, interpersonal neurobiology, attachment, somatic integration, and polyvagal theory. Her specialization is in embodiment and eating disorders, and she works with women of all ages in areas of self-compassion and gentleness with their bodies.


Misha can be reached at

Together we offer support during significant life events such as navigating adolescence, conflict between teens and parents, relational disconnect, aging parents, prolonged pain and illness, grief, body image struggles, recovery from disordered eating, pregnancy, new parenthood, divorce, and menopause. We work with individual clients, and we partner by meeting with members of the same family separately so their support can be coordinated.

As colleagues, we have seen this collaboration enrich and enhance the work we do because of the unique training and experience we each bring to our work. 
 Our primary focus is helping you understand how ​to connect with your body so that you can have a deeper sense of choice, safety, and connection in all of your relationships.

We also speak in classrooms, in seminars, to sports teams, and on retreats.




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We offer complimentary 20-minute phone calls to explore if we are a good fit for working together and to answer any questions you may have.

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